Bioplex Clarifying Shampoo 1L

Bioplex Clarifying Shampoo 1L

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Products Details:
                Clarifying Shampoo 1x1000ML

Bioplex Clarifying Shampoo: Your Hair's Fresh Start!
Revitalize your tresses with the Bioplex Clarifying Shampoo, now available at Harram Store. This powerful formula is designed to give your hair a fresh start by gently removing buildup and impurities, leaving your locks feeling clean, light, and ready for a new beginning.
Key Features:
  • Deep-cleansing formula for a fresh start.
  • Gently removes buildup and impurities.
  • Restores hair's natural shine and vitality.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Perfect for a pre-treatment cleanse.
Add to Cart for Hair that Feels Brand New!
Give your hair the care it deserves with Bioplex Clarifying Shampoo. Embrace a clean slate and let your natural beauty shine – shop now!

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