Bioplex Hair Protein 100g

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Brand: Bioplex
Product Benefits: Damage Control
Material Feature: Restores protein balance, thickens hair strands

Introducing Bioplex Hair Protein:
Bid farewell to hair woes caused by coloring and bleaching with Bioplex Hair Protein. Crafted to shield your precious locks from chemical harm, Bioplex pampers your hair and scalp, leaving behind a trail of softness, shine, and vitality. It's the superhero your hair craves during those intense color sessions.

Easy-Peasy Mixing:
Banish the hassle of juggling multiple hair products. Bioplex Hair Protein simplifies your hair care routine. Just blend it with your bleaching powder or hair color, and watch as it extends the lifespan of your color, while adding an extra layer of strength and shine. Let Bioplex take charge, so you can relax and enjoy the transformation.

Fight Breakage, Embrace Strength:
Unveil the magic of Bioplex Hair Protein's anti-breakage formula, neatly packed in golden protein balls. It's your guardian angel during chemical treatments, ensuring your hair stays resilient and intact, even during those daring balayage and highlight adventures.

Blonde, Bold, Beautiful:
With Bioplex Hair Protein by your side, achieving that dreamy blonde hair is now within reach, minus the fear of damage. Its innovative formula promises vibrant, healthy hair throughout the coloring journey.

Directions for Use:

  • With Bleaching Powder: Mix Bioplex Hair Protein at a ratio of 10% to your bleaching powder. For instance, add 1 rounded teaspoon (5g) of Bioplex Hair Protein to 50g of bleaching powder. Stir gently until the protein balls dissolve and unleash their magic.
  • With Coloring: Add 5% of Bioplex Hair Protein to your tint mixture. For example, incorporate 1 level teaspoon (3g) of Bioplex Hair Protein into 1 tube (60ml) of hair dye. Or, if you're using 2 tubes (2x60ml = 120ml) of hair dye, add 1 rounded teaspoon (5g) of Bioplex Hair Protein. Stir patiently until the protein balls dissolve and blend seamlessly.

Unlock Your Hair's Potential with Bioplex Hair Protein Powder! Buy Now for Stronger, Healthier Hair!

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Mrs. Sabir

Great product
Love it


Thanks for Amazing Gift, is ki wajh sy keratin ka result bohat acha mila


good product


bohat achi chez ha


Bohat acha product ha. Thanks for the gift