ibdgel Cat Eyes Gel Polish 6Pc

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Brand: IBD

Product: ibdgel Cat Eyes Gel Polish Soak Off Color # 4351,4351,4353,4353,4364,4366

Size: 7.3 ML

IBD (International Beauty Design) is a well-known brand in the nail industry, specializing in professional-grade products for manicures and pedicures, including gel polish. IBD gel polish is a long-lasting and durable alternative to traditional nail polish, designed to provide a high-shine finish that lasts for weeks without chipping or peeling. It's typically cured under UV or LED light and is removed with acetone.

One of the benefits of IBD gel polish is that it can be applied quickly and easily, resulting in a flawless and smooth finish that looks like a professional manicure. It's also available in a wide range of colors, from classic shades to trendy hues, making it easy to find the perfect shade to match any occasion or outfit.

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